How to Create a Nature-Inspired Bathroom

How to Create a Nature-Inspired Bathroom

Nature-inspired bathrooms are a popular design concept for contemporary homes, bringing a sense of serenity and tranquillity into your home. These urban jungle and nature-inspired, minimalistic designs are simple to create, bringing the outdoors in and adding a unique cachet into your home. Even better, you can use certain plants which thrive in humid environments to help absorb excess moisture from your bathroom, which can help to prevent mould as well as add a trendy pop of colour. If this oasis aesthetic appeals to you, keep reading as we discuss how to transform your bathroom using colours, plants, and natural shapes and textures. 

Designing a natural bathroom

Creating a nature-inspired bathroom isn’t as difficult as it may seem, though there are a few additional steps needed in addition to adding plants to really pull off the aesthetic. If you’re wondering how you can create an earth-inspired environment without undertaking a full bathroom redesign, take note of our top tips below for an easy transformation.

Use natural textures

The easiest way to start creating a nature-inspired bathroom is to incorporate natural textures and materials. However, when redesigning a bathroom, the best course of action may be to use synthetic materials that replicate natural textures to avoid issues like wood warping or other problems caused by dampness. Instead of using natural wood that will be exposed to high levels of humidity or water, we would recommend using a PVC panel with a wood effect such as the Grey Ash Wall Panel. These panels have a realistic effect but boast a 100% waterproof finish to ensure that they are kept looking pristine, providing longevity to your design. Additionally, they are exceptionally easy to clean and they can be installed over bathroom tiles to achieve a natural look on a budget.

Grey Ash Wall Panel

Alternatively, you could opt to include authentic wood by installing wooden shelves away from shower walls or by using vanity units that are designed to withstand a high humidity environment. Of course, wood is not your only option. If you prefer, you can opt for other materials such as rattan, bamboo, or even stone. If space is an issue, you might wish to add smaller wooden storage units or choose decorative pieces such as wooden bath trays, or wicker plant pots. 

Choose a colour palette that uses earth tones

The key to creating a successful nature-inspired bathroom is to use colour palettes that reflect the true colours of nature. This means choosing earth toned colours such as beiges, greens, oranges, browns, and reds. Typically, most people prefer to use beige as this is a more versatile colour, which makes it easier to create a cohesive and seamless design when it comes to decor and styling.

Choosing beige as a base colour is also an excellent way to incorporate both natural texture and colour to create depth. For example, using a wall design such as the Hazy Beige panel which features a natural marble look can help you to create a subtle yet effective interior, and one that you can build upon using other natural elements to add to the aesthetic.

Hazy Beige Wall Panel


Consider alternatives to floor tiles to enhance your bathroom oasis

As mentioned, natural wood is a desirable look but not always a practical choice. Using wood for a bathroom floor may cause warping and it can be difficult to clean, that is why many choose to use tiles for their bathroom floor. However, you can still achieve a natural look by using vinyl flooring. This material is waterproof and easy to maintain, which means it is ideal for areas of high humidity. This also gives you more versatility when it comes to designing your bathroom, as you have the choice of wood effect, marble effect, or stone effect. 

Add plants to absorb moisture

Naturally, the bathroom is an area that is exposed to high levels of humidity. This is especially true if you have a larger family where the shower is used multiple times a day. Adding plants to your nature-inspired bathroom will not only help to serve the aesthetic, but it also provides a practical function in that some species will thrive off the wet and humid environment. You will need to consider the light levels of your space when deciding which plants to use, but the list of moisture absorbing plants for the bathroom below should help to inspire you. 

    • Snake plant - this is a very hardy plant that can withstand varied lighting conditions, infrequent watering, and high levels of humidity. It is likely to be suitable for all bathrooms.
    • Spider plant - a plant that can handle both low light and humid conditions, the spider plant is a great choice for any bathroom. The drooping leaves also mean it can be hung or placed on shelves, making the most of small spaces.
    • Silver inch plant - this easy to grow plant tolerates warm temperatures and bright light, and it makes for the perfect hanging plant to add to the botanic aesthetic of your bathroom. 
    • Flamingo flower - native to tropical environments, the flamingo flower can withstand high humidity and warm temperatures. This makes them ideal for high traffic and smaller bathrooms.
    • Peacock plant - with its lush foliage, the peacock plant helps to purify the air and thrives in humidity.

The above list is not exhaustive, but these are all good bathroom plants to start with. Incorporating these plants is a certified way to perfectly capture that natural oasis aesthetic, especially if you can experiment with different displays. For example, you could hang some from the ceilings, have larger free standing floor plants, or encourage the leaves to dangle off shelves or wrap around bathroom cabinets and units. 

Additionally, using plants can help you to incorporate a more authentic range of natural materials without risking wood warping and water damage that you may get with flooring or bathroom furniture that will be exposed to water. This will also allow you to incorporate a variety of textures through using ceramic, wicker, bamboo, or stone plant pots which will complement your choice of nature-inspired panels and flooring and add more depth.

Even better, plants can disguise any items that you might wish to hide in order to adhere to your aesthetic. Try placing larger plants in front of storage caddies or toilet roll holders, and smaller ones in front of cosmetic or skincare products if you don’t want them on display. 

Design your nature-inspired bathroom with The Panel Company

With our impressive collection of wall panels inspired by natural designs, you’ll have a variety of options to create your dream bathroom. Whether you’re looking to create a tropical vibe, a minimalistic oasis, or a relaxed spa-like theme, there’s an option for every home. Browse through our range of shower wall panels and vinyl flooring tiles to get started.


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