How to Set Up a Home Office with PVC Panels

How to Set Up a Home Office with PVC Panels

Having a well-thought-out home office can not only promote productivity, but it can provide you with a professional-looking space to hold video calls and conferences. Whether it’s the decorations on your desk or the colour on your walls, they all contribute to creating a good office space that will get you feeling excited to work every day.

PVC panels especially have a multitude of benefits when it comes to creating a great office space. Not only are they easy to install and maintain but they’re budget-friendly and come in a wide variety of designs and colours so you can create an office that matches your tastes perfectly. In this blog, we will discuss all the ways you can use PVC panels to build a truly unique, functional office space that you’ll really want to spend time in. 

The importance of having a well-decorated home office

If you’re not comfortable in your home office, then chances are your productivity will significantly decrease. A home office should be nicely decorated to fit your taste and should incorporate boosts of motivation, this can be in the form of pictures of family and friends or even awards you’ve won that are on display for you to see every day. Having these will help to boost your mood and in turn, boost your productivity. However, your home office should also be free from distractions and visual clutter, so often opting for a minimal look is recommended.

If you find yourself regularly taking important business calls with clients or colleagues, then having a nice office space will benefit you as you’ll be able to present professionally during your meetings. If your background is loud and distracting or full of clutter, it may serve as a distraction during the meeting and you may come across as less professional.

Creating an office space that you love will help to get you excited to work every day, especially if you’re working in a bright, airy space. Dark rooms with bleak colours can drain your energy and you may find yourself feeling sluggish halfway through the day. So in order to combat this, let’s look at some home office ideas to help you build the perfect workspace whether you’re working from a grand spare room or a small alcove.

Small home office ideas

If you have a small home office, this can be anything from your spare bedroom to an alcove in a living space, you may feel like you’re stuck with a space that allows little room for creativity. This isn’t the case however, the great thing about using wall panels for a small office is that they can reflect light, brighten up your area and give the illusion of more space. 

For a small office think of bright, light colours and vertical stripes when picking out your wall panels. The light colours will brighten up your space to make it feel bigger and the vertical stripes on your walls give your space the illusion of being taller. Combined, your small workspace will transform from a bleak, cramped area into an airy, spacious dream. Our light ash acoustic slat wall panels are great for achieving this look, coming in both bright colours and vertical stripes to give your small office the feeling of more space.

Light Ash Acoustic Slat Wall Panel 


When it comes to decorating a small office space, try to keep it minimalistic. Think wall shelves, plants, mirrors and lamps. Adding touches of colour and splashes of light will make you feel less trapped and more comfortable within a small office space.

Large home office ideas

When you have a large office space, the problem usually starts with the echo and ends with all of the empty corners and walls that make an office feel bleak and unused. PVC panels can help with soundproofing, combating echo as well as blocking out distracting sounds from the outside. We will be talking more about soundproofing an office later in the blog, so if you want to learn more about how wall panels can cut down on echo, then keep on reading.

For a large office, consider things like ceiling-to-floor bookshelves where you can put all of your favourite decorations. This might be small plants, pictures of family, treasured statues or even some awards and trophies on display for all to see. This will not only fill the space and reduce echo but having an appropriate level of visual stimulation can help to create an environment that is conducive to work. Consider adding pops of colour to bring the space together, such as a bold navy blue feature or an eye-catching textured wall in front of your desk. We have the perfect turin brown stone effect wall panel for large rooms, and these wall panels will help combat the issue of an empty, bland room and bring some exciting textures to the decor.

Turin Brown Stone Effect wall panels

Creating a soundproof office with PVC panels


Having a soundproof office can help you avoid any distractions and decrease any unwanted noises, like your neighbours cutting their grass at 10am on a sunny morning while you’re in a meeting. In the soundproofing industry, PVC wall panels are often used to create sound barriers in busy environments. Bigger offices may require a lot more panelling to completely soundproof the room, however, a small office may only require a few. The general rule of thumb when soundproofing a room is about 15-20% wall coverage for the best experience.


Acoustic wall panels especially are designed to absorb and reduce sound. Wall panelling, in general, can reduce the transmission of sound waves to a certain extent and our collection of acoustic slat wall panels are the perfect option for anyone looking to add a stylish, soundproof touch to their home office.

Making the perfect backdrop for video calls in your home office

When designing a home office you’ll want to think about where to position your desk in terms of lighting and what your backdrop will look like during online meetings. It doesn’t look professional if you’re having an important meeting with a dark or overexposed video and a messy background behind you. Having something that looks neat and well thought out is great - especially for first impressions.

If you want the best-looking background for your meetings then try to face a natural light source to brighten up your video, but avoid too much light behind you as this will cast a shadow over you and it might make it hard to see your face. We also recommend having a nice-looking bookshelf or some simple wall shelves to display pictures, awards or certificates. This may even win you some bonus points if you’re talking to new clients. 

Make sure to add some personality so that your office space feels like your own, but don’t drown yourself out with too loud of a backdrop. Incorporate pictures and splashes of colour in your decor accessories, but try and keep your walls a neutral colour so it isn’t too distracting.

Slat panels are great for creating an interesting texture while not being too overbearing, making them the ideal backdrop for online meetings. Our natural oak slat wall panels are designed to create a warm atmosphere and add a subtle visual intrigue to your walls. Alternatively, you can try our grey acoustic wall panels for something with a cooler tone to enhance that subtle look.

Natural Oak Premium Slat Wall Panel Sulcado 300mm

Grey Oak Acoustic Slat Wall Panel 600mm

Create your dream home office with Panel Company Ireland.

Creating your dream home office starts with panelling. From the perfect soundproof solution to stylish designs to suit your taste, panels can turn a bland spare room into an office that gets you excited to work every day. Here at Panel Company Ireland, we have everything you need, from home office-inspired panels for a personal touch to 3d acoustic panels for optimal soundproofing so you can focus on your work without distractions.



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